Online programs, when used effectively are part of an effective, integrated marketing mix of activities.

Instagram continues to grow in its popularity

User Interaction & Engagement

I am a fan of continious improvement. I'm always testing and retesting unique methods of user interaction and engagement.

Our beginnings

Luckily I got started as many online platforms were just starting. As their popularity grew, so did my knowledge and experience.

Mobile devices were the secret sauce. The reason for the explosive growth was obvious. These devices allowed for instantaneous, anywhere community building, social connections. A powerful force for brand marketers to reach targeted audiences of all shapes and sizes.

Food and more food. I love food.
Great quality images and eye on the metrics behind the scenes

Building Your story

Building a unique, online brand story involves telling it through unique and compelling experiences.

Sarah @ Salt & Pepper


A holistic approach to communicating your message

Fresh thinking

Looking at creative ways to communicate a strategic message.


Fresh ideas. No excuses. Raising the bar and providing something meaningful (and delicious).


Planting the seed, we seek a consistent, threaded message that informs and educates.